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Big Six

Big Six is an alternative name given to The Wheel of Fortune and is found in a plentiful supply of offline and online casinos like Unibet. In the United States the game is played on a large vertical wheel usually spun by a scantily clad young lady. Think the Pleasure Pit at Planet Hollywood and you get the picture. Each slot on the wheel will contain dollar bills of various denominations, and these represent your potential winnings. It’s a simple game. You choose a slot, the dealer spins the wheel and if it lands in your space you win, and if not you lose.

The biggest payout is the joker, and logo, that pays out at odds of 40 to 1 in Las Vegas and 45 to 1 in Atlantic City. This lowers the house edge on these bets to 14.81%. Not exactly a game meant for a long-term profit.

The game is also a crowd pleaser in the region of Macau in Asia. The most lucrative gambling strip in the world also uses a large vertical wheel, but the pockets contain different colours instead of bills of currency. The best bet is tied between three colours: orange, purple and green at 7.69% with a house edge of 15.38%.

Other versions exist, around the world, each with their own little idiosyncrasies. One such example is Australia where the game is called The Big Wheel. In the land of Oz the slots are defined by a variety of Australian animals such as Koala’s, Emu’s and Kangaroos.