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Today, gamblers are available a variety of slot machines, known as the "fruit", "armed bandits", "slot machine", etc. Since 1950, vols. When such machines were made available to the public, they have gained rapid popularity . Revenues from slot machines make up two-thirds of the total income of many casinos.

Slot machines have come a long way since then, as in 1898, American Charles Fey, a car introduced to the public under the name "Liberty Bell", which is considered the forerunner of modern slot machines. The mechanism of "Liberty Bell" was quite simple, It is based on three reels. Today's machines are more complicated: sometimes they whirl to the five reels, and you can choose from several games, in addition, modern machines controlled by computer. But the operating principle has remained roughly the same.


Simply put, a slot machine a few drums (3-5), each of which bear certain characters. The front panel is a statement which says how many coins (tokens) to drop into the slot, and provides a winning combination and state the amount of gain for each. The drums rotate, and if after they stop you on the correct line (or lines) will be the correct combination, you win. Modern gaming machines provide players with a lot of opportunities. You can select a machine with a fixed gain, or choose one on which the winnings increase depending on whether, how much money you have spent on the game. Many of today's online casinos are in a particular gaming network, where the jackpots are shared by several casinos and offer huge sums to win, sometimes for several million dollars (Casino Betway for example, the jackpot is over $ 4.8 million !). Vending machines in online casinos operate on conventional chips or coins of a specified value, the amount of potential gain increases in proportion to the amount invested coins. There are also several options for winning combinations, depending on the number of your favorite lines. Now online casinos offer machines up to 50 lines, as well as the so-called 3D machines, 3D animation with (EUcasino for example).