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Blackjack Micro gaming is one of many versions of blackjack available on the market for online games. It has a multitude of varieties.

First discover the "Classic Blackjack Gold," a flagship games offered by Micro gaming. The options "gold" is different from "normal" by the quality of their sound and graphics.

The "Classic Blackjack Gold is played with a shoe 52 cards the option to" surrender "or give up is not allowed.

In this game, there is possibility to double that on the 9, 10 or 11 and the dealer stays on 17.

Here the ribs are favorable, the quality of game design is excellent and the pleasure to meet you!

The "double exposure blackjack" is played over 8 hooves and the player has the option to double down on 9, 10 or 11. Here, it is possible to see the dealer's two hands.

In this version, the option to "surrender" does not exist and the dealer wins all ties except on a blackjack player.

It also requires the dealer draws to 17. The "Spanish Blackjack" is played with 48 cards per set, 10 have since been removed. In the shoe, there are 8 games.

As it lacks the 10, the "Spanish Blackjack" gains special offers. For example, a tri 7 of the same color as compared to 7 of the dealer has a coastline of 50 cons. Spanish Blackjack, we have the opportunity to double twice on every hand.

These hands can be separated. This game is particularly exciting and the rewards can be substantial.