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 Rules Of Roulette Games

The rules of roulette is very simple, and makes her a game appreciated by any player in the cross line.

When they start betting on roulette, the croupier says the words of the ritual because the players they should hasten to make their bet, betting their chips in the appropriate areas.

The roulette table is just a great help to players, in fact it is marked in such a way that identifies those who play once where the chips must be placed according to the game that wants to do, because it consists of numbers or words indicating the various spaces .

However, if the player for any reason prefer not to place their chips in person, may delegate to the dealer who will play them according to precise instructions received by him, and after being placed, in a loud voice to repeat the bet to have confirmation from the player avoiding any misunderstandings.

The dealer starts the wheel and turns the ball even when you can continue to gamble, until he is given the known "rien ne va plus" that puts an end to the betting before the ball goes to touch the boxes with numbers.

Winnings are paid out according to a predefined order: the first are those of the simple combinations of bets, wagers on the following double and multiple combinations wheel (sextuplets, dozens, etc.).

First we must say that the online roulette is everything and all identical to that found in terrestrial casinos. In French Roulette is a single zero, while in American Roulette there is also a double zero: the player is more advantageous to the French Roulette, because it allows statistically more likely to win.

The principle is simple: point your chips, click on "spin" and the ball will be launched on roulette.